The Challenge
To increase brand awareness through social media networking sites, to come up with a viral campaign that explains the complex product for consumer consumption, and to educate potential customers and drive customer conversion.

The LDL Solution
LDL reinforced the social media accounts of Sexy Solutions by making the feed more lifestyle and relatable to the consumers, starting off with the themed days. 

In terms of content generation, we partnered with brands that are aligned with the messages we wanted to share online.

For nutrition, we partnered with Hillside Café and Juice Bar. Together with Sexy Solutions’ food coach Nadine Tengco, we identified healthy dishes and drinks that best complement the treatments of Sexy Solutions. We dedicated Tuesdays and Thursdays in providing our followers with food tips that will work best with the treatments of Sexy Solutions.

For fitness, we partnered with Beyond Yoga. They helped us come up with tips and benefits of yoga. They also helped us identify exercises that will complement Sexy Solutions’ treatments.  

In Instagram, there was a 42% increase in terms of likes, and 60% increase in interaction (tagging of friends, shares, and comments).
In Facebook, there was a 80% increase in likes, 44% increase in reach, and 50% increase in inquiries.
In Twitter, there was a 100% increase in retweets, 60% increase in engagement, and 42% increase in impressions.

These numbers translated to increased inquiries about the services.