“The Sexy Revolution” Campaign was created in 2014 as a response to the weight loss battle cry. Through this, we want to encourage people to commit to being fit. We want to motivate them to revolt against fat and their unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Stakeholder Analysis
We interviewed a group of 10 individuals composed of 5 male and 5 female from the A&B market aged 20-60. 5 of them were overweight. We asked the following questions:

1. What are your new year’s resolutions?
2. Are you willing to undergo surgery to lose weight?
3. Are you willing to try non-invasive procedures to lose inches off your waist?
4. Are you willing to commit to a nutritious diet plan?
5. Are you willing to exercise 6 times a week?

10 out of 10 participants said they want to be fit, have the proper diet, include exercise in their daily routine, or attain weight loss in their top 5 resolutions. 9 participants said they are not willing to undergo surgery to lose weight. 10 participants said they are open to try out non-invasive procedures to lose inches off their waist. 7 participants are willing to commit to a nutritious diet plan. 6 participants are willing to exercise 6 times a week.

Solution Overview
Create a campaign that will establish the brand as the authority in non-surgical weight loss by creating content that strikes the correct emotional chords, use the new year as an opportunity to capitalize on most individuals’ desire to be fit, stick to a proper diet and exercise regimen, and lose weight as part of their resolutions.

Tap and engage TV personality and actress, Iza Calzado, as the endorser because she’s had a constant weight battle. She was also going to be launched as the host of “Biggest Loser Philippines” and Sexy Solutions’ Nadine Tengo is her food coach. Iza vowed to incorporate regular exercise and proper nutrition towards her journey to fitness. She also incorporates Sexy Solutions to her newfound lifestyle to help her be sexy without surgery.

Theme for New Year’s Campaign: 
The Sexy Revolution!

Key Messages:
We fight for sexy! Join the Sexy Revolution!
Let’s revolt against fat and our old unhealthy habits!
Sexy Solutions is your ultimate weapon for the Sexy Revolution!
Our machines: Melt Fat | Tighten Skin | Tone Muscle

Join the Sexy Revolution with the melt + tighten + tone combo!

Theme for Summer Campaign:
Sexy Summer!

Key Messages:
Your quick start to a #SexySummer

Melt Fat | Tighten Skin | Tone Muscle
Reinforcing the “Sexy Revolution” and marrying it to the “Sexy Summer” celebrity endorser, Iza Calzado is wearing a pink (brand color of Sexy Solutions) camouflage bikini top. We don’t want the target market to think that we are selling a “miracle” solution hence, “your quick start to a #SexySummer.” We want them to know that Sexy Solutions can be used as a jumpstart to a holistic weight loss program. One can instantly lose inches off their waist but they need to have a nutritious diet plan and exercise on a regular basis to achieve and maintain their dream bodies.

Measurement and Evaluation
The Sexy Revolution campaign generated 15% more leads from the previous campaign, 5% less than what we projected but 75% were translated to actual sales.

The Sexy Summer campaign generated 40% more leads than the previous campaign, 10% more than what we projected and 55% translated to actual sales. The increase in lead generation was brought about by discount offers and exclusive social media campaigns, e.g. “Your Ticket to Sexy!” campaign.