MNL is an original fragrance line created with the modern-day Pinoy & Pinay in mind. It was conceptualized and founded by singer-model, Mica Javier, in 2013, soon after she moved back home to Manila from New York; hence, MNL. Inspired by her experiences abroad, and encouraged by her entrepreneur father, Mica decided to bring something fresh to the market, by producing quality fragrances at very affordable prices.

The Challenge
Come up with an eye candy full year campaign that will highlight the 14 fragrances in 2 weeks!

The LDL Solution
Plan and execute more than 14 layouts in less than 2 weeks! Create a global Filipino fragrance campaign by including local elements in each layout to communicate the brand's heritage. Use the tagline "Smell SCENTsational" as a pun on Mica's growing career as she is causing great public interest and excitement as an R&B singer. Contact, negotiate and engage a male model who would complement the image of Mica and her fragrance line.

Consumers are able to relate to the materials causing a positive impact on sales.