Sexy Solutions
A non-surgical fat reduction clinic that specializes in losing those last few inches that never seem to come off no matter how much diet or exercise you do. The focus is non-surgical body contouring using the latest technology, coupled with smart and sustainable nutrition and fitness programs that go hand in hand in achieving your goals.

It’s not about the WEIGHT, but the INCHES off your waist

Leung de Marketing creates “The Sexy Revolution” campaign for Sexy Solutions by Belo in response to the weight loss battle cry. Sexy Solutions is the ultimate weapon for the Sexy Revolution. Their machines melt fat, tighten skin and tone muscles, to further strengthen the brand and its promise we created a campaign that highlights the capability of their team to creat sustainable weight loss plans – Cristalle Belo: Lifestyle, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.: Medical, Nadine Tengco: Food & Nutrition, Aubrey Miles: Fitness and Edward Mendez: Fitness.